Your Arizona legal document preparer can help you with forms for legal issues involving someone who is out of state. Here are a couple of situations that frequently involve out-of-state individuals, plus factors that come into play when determining how they should be handled and in what jurisdiction the case will be dealt with.

Get help with your divorce from an Arizona legal document preparer

Arizona Legal Document PreparerIf you’re an Arizona resident and want to file for a divorce (dissolution of marriage), but your partner lives in another state, it may take longer for the case to be processed compared to what would happen if you both lived here. However, if both parties are cooperative and agreeable, it usually goes smoothly, especially if you let George at Affordable Legal Document Specialists help with ensuring that you fill out and file the paperwork correctly.

In order for you to be eligible to have your divorce request handled in Arizona, you must live here at the time you file and for at least 90 days prior to filing. If children are involved, you must have lived here for at least six months. Child custody agreements will be formalized as part of the divorce proceedings.

Child support

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act contains the rules that determine whether or not the case will be heard in Arizona, or in the state where the other parent lives.

For example, if you live in Arizona and you’re the custodial parent, it’s possible to have the case heard in a local courtroom if certain conditions are met. Here is a sampling of some of the criteria that would qualify your case involving an out-of-state parent to be heard in an Arizona court:

  1. The parent who does not have custody is served in person within Arizona with an official summons to appear in court.
  2. The out-of-state parent agrees to have the case heard in Arizona.
  3. Your child lives in Arizona, partially due to actions of the out-of-state non-custodial parent.
  4. Your child could have been conceived in the state of Arizona.

If one parent lives out of state, your case may take longer to process compared to what happens when both parents live in Arizona.

It’s good to have an Arizona legal document preparer on your team

Those are only two of the many types of legal matters that may involve out-of-state individuals. If your situation involves someone who is out-of-state, save yourself time and stress by letting George put his knowledge and experience to work for you. He’ll meet with you at your convenience, gather the info he needs, and provide you with full service, charging a flat fee (no hidden costs!) preparation of your legal documents.