Parenting With Your Ex and Understanding Arizona Child Support Modification

Arranging for Arizona child support modification when parenting with your ex can be tricky. You may not agree with one another about the best way to approach the situation, yet you want to set a good example for your children by showing how to discuss money matters in a healthy way. Or maybe you and your ex get along great. Either way, here are some useful tips to make discussing finances and child support modification with your ex go as smoothly as possible.

Don’t Argue About Money

Don’t argue about money, especially in front of your kids. While it’s perfectly fine to let your kids see you having a difference of opinion and discussing it calmly, it’s not so great for them to see you and your ex displaying verbal or physical aggression towards one another. Name-calling, threats, insults, yelling, hitting, and pushing will only make you less likely to come to an agreement with one another, and cause your kids to stress out or become frightened. Even babies are capable of being affected by the distress of their parents.

arizona child supportGet Help with Arizona Child Support Modification if You Need It

Sometimes ex-partners just can’t discuss money without fighting about it. If this is the case with you and your ex, using the services of a mediator or lawyer can be a good way to come to an agreement on child support without having to argue with one another.

Be Transparent and Honest

A huge factor in whether or not exes are able to discuss child support modification amicably is their level of honesty and transparency.

For example, if you get a huge promotion at work that comes with a significant rise in your income, you need to open a discussion with your ex on the potential need for a change in support payments. The same applies if you suffer a large pay cut.

Taking the initiative in bringing these things up helps to build trust, keeps both of you up to date on factors that affect budgeting for child rearing expenses, and makes discussions on finances go more smoothly.

Legal Document Preparation Services

If you and your ex agree on the need for and amount for modifying child support, consider using the services of a legal document preparation service to help you file for the change. You’ll get the benefits of knowing that all the paperwork has been completed correctly without worrying about doing it wrong on your own, or paying the high legal fees of a lawyer.

Maximize Your Odds That Arizona Child Support Modification Goes Well

There are certainly no guarantees when parenting with your ex. But when the need for child support modification arises, you can dramatically increase your odds of a smooth transition by getting help if you need it, avoiding arguments in front of your children, and maintaining open and honest communications with your ex.