Reasons Why You Need to Consider Child Support Modification in Gilbert, AZ

Whether you’re the one paying support or the one receiving it, don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’ll never need to consider child support modification in Apache Junction residents. In reality, there are many situations that should be cause for a reconsideration of the amount being paid. Here are some of the more common scenarios that tend to crop up:

Moving child support modification Gilbert, AZ

Sometimes the courts decide that the expenses of traveling for the purposes of spending parenting time with the child should be taken into account in the determination of child support amounts. If either parent makes a move to a locale that significantly alters such travel expenses, adjustment to the payments may be needed.

Parenting Time Changes

A major consideration in determining the amount of child support to be paid is related to the percentage of parenting time allotted to each parent. If something happens that alters this, you should definitely reconsider whether or not the support payments are still set at a fair and equitable level.

For example, if you are the recipient of child support, and you are now parenting your child for two extra days per week in addition to whatever amount you were responsible for before, you may be entitled to a higher level of support. On the other hand, if you are the one paying support and you take on extra parenting time, you may be entitled to reduce the levels of support that you are paying.

Job Changes and Child Support Modification in Gilbert, AZ

A job change can dramatically alter a parent’s income. If either parent experiences a change in income, it’s worth re-assessing the amounts being paid or received in child support in case changes are required.


Generally, re-marriage alone does not provide sufficient grounds for changing a support order. However, if the remarriage causes a sizable change in finances for either parent, a change in the payment amount could be warranted.

For example, if you are paying child support to your ex, then remarry someone who earns a lot of money and this now takes care of most of your household expenses, the courts may feel that this ought to enable you to pay a higher sum for child support.

On the other hand, say you’re paying child support and when you remarry it causes you to become responsible for more expenses – in this case, the courts may not lower your child support obligation because taking on these additional expenses was your choice.

Be Informed About Child Support Modification in Gilbert, AZ

Changes to child support can be made, so don’t worry if your circumstances change. The courts do their best to ensure that both parents are sharing the financial burden of raising their children in an equitable manner. If you and your ex agree on the need for modification and the amount of change required, you may be able to avoid the high cost of hiring an attorney and file for the change yourselves. If this is the case, a legal document preparation service like Affordable Legal Document Specialists can be a huge help in ensuring that you fill out the paperwork correctly, avoiding unnecessary delays in processing.