If you’re not sure how to file for child support in Arizona, don’t let the process intimidate you. With the right knowledge, it’s actually a fairly straightforward process.

Get the Right Help and See How to File for Child Support in Arizona

how to file for child support in ArizonaIf your case is fairly simple, taking on the expense of hiring a lawyer to file for child support may not be necessary. Also, if you simply cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you’ll need another less costly option.

The use of a legal document preparer like Affordable Legal Document Specialists is a great option for these kinds of situations. Unlike trying to do everything yourself, the use of a document prep service eliminates the worry of making mistakes with the paperwork that can cost you time or money – plus, you’ll have an experienced person to guide you through the entire process.

Here are some of the steps you’ll be going through when you file for support:

Gather the Facts about the Non-Custodial Parent

At a minimum, you’ll need the non-custodial parent’s birth date and social security number. Other information about them that will be helpful to have on hand are as follows:

-their employer’s name and address
-their vehicle model and year
-information on their income and assets
-a recent photo or physical description
-their home address

Submit the Correct Forms

You’ll be filing your application and other paperwork via the Arizona Department of Economic Security. If the identity of the child’s father isn’t established, this may need to be proven via genetic testing – if that’s the case, the costs will be covered by the state of Arizona. If it’s proven that the alleged father is, indeed, the biological father, he will be required to reimburse the state for the costs of the testing.

The Department of Economic Security will require you to fill out an application form to start the process. This form will require information about the individual who is applying for support, the child’s caretakers, the mother, the (alleged) father, and the child for whom the support is intended. As the applicant, you’ll also be required to sign an agreement to repay any overpayments that were made in error.

There are over a dozen child support offices throughout the state of Arizona – you’ll be submitting and picking up any paperwork from your local office.

Other documents that will need to be completed will depend on the details of your particular case. Your legal document preparer can be an enormous help in navigating through the options and letting you know which forms you’ll need to fill out.

Finding Out How to File for Child Support in Arizona

The best way to find out how to do anything is to get help from someone who has done it before and knows what they’re doing. If you can’t afford or don’t need a lawyer for your case, be sure to consider a certified legal document preparer to help you file for child support in a cost effective manner.